Tyme Iron Reviews for Your Ultimate Beautiful Hair

tyme iron reviews

Tyme Iron Reviews

Are you one of those people who would like an iron that heats up quickly and will do the job under 30 minutes? Are you frustrated by how all the irons never seem to live up to your expectations because your hair seems to be frizzier than normal? Introducing Tyme iron reviews for you what will saving your time. Tyme iron is a product that can work with all types of hair. Tyme iron US is introducing a multitasking iron of high quality.

If you are someone who likes product worth the price, this one will definitely be one of them. If you are someone who likes to flaunt different yet unique hairstyles very often, Tyme iron is just what you were looking for. Tyme iron helps you get ready for your day in matter of minutes. It is travel friendly and is bound to become your favorite iron in no time. Here I am going to discuss about tyme iron reviews for you to help you about choosing a perfect hair straightener or a hair curling product.

tyme iron reviews

How does Tyme iron work?

The simple iron can be used to create different hairstyles starting from straightening, creating beach waves, curling, smoothing and adding volume to the hair. You simply plug in the cord into a socket and the iron will heat consistently to 400 degrees. Your hair needs to be sectioned in order to style with ease. Clamp each hair section one at a time and hold it between the hot plates firmly and move it from the top to the bottom of the section of hair. It takes about 30 seconds to style each section.

Key Features:

tyme iron feature image

  • Has fine quality, gold-plated titanium plates;
  • Heats to a constant and stable 400 degrees;
  • Highest quality materials are used during its manufacture, ensuring the best performance.
  • Includes a gyrating swivel cord for easier use;
  • Includes the TYME Traveler Heat Sleeve, making it easy for travel;
  • Creates any style in minutes, from curls to straight hairs, pull of any fashion you want;
  • Free tutorial video chat by a professional stylist to assist you;
  • Unlike other iron types, tyme iron takes only a few minutes to make your hair look like Angelina Jolie or Scarlet Johansson!

Gold plated titanium plates

Gold plating of the plates allow the iron to stay heated longer, helping you achieve the best, shiny locks. Gold plating is not harmful to your hair, so you can style away without a worry while the titanium plates offer the best experience by being resistant to corrosion when accidentally brought in contact with moisture.

Rotating swivel cord

This feature allows the cord to be flexible in movement as you style your hair. The rotating features prevents the cord from becoming frayed so that you can still move and twist your iron around as you style.

It is a versatile iron– so not just for straightening anymore!

Now you are not required to buy separate heated styling tools for every chic hair style. TYME iron offers you the best experience worth your money. You can use the iron to straighten your hair, create beach waves and curls for those occasions that call for it.

400° Fahrenheit / 204° Celsius Temperature Setting

This feature is great for achieving straight, silky, shiny locks after a short styling period. Capable of styling even thick, coarse hair.This also means people with frizzy hair will not face the issue of their hair becoming frizzy after styling when they start their day.

Comes with a TYME traveler heat sleeve

A quality heat sleeve that will store your TYME iron,making it travel friendly. The heat sleeve being heat resistant prevents accidental burns when you are on the go after use.

Curls and other hairstyles last longer

You heard me right, any hairstyle you make with this will last for a  long time! The only condition is that you should not wash your hair during that time.

time iron reviews

  • Good quality gold plated titanium plates.
  • It is very pretty and stylish in terms of appearance.
  • It heats up in a matter of seconds, saving you time.
  • Capable of styling thick, coarse and frizzy hair.
  • It has one power button to turn it on or off so you do not have to deal with other settings.
  • Travel friendly.
  • A one-year warranty is provided with all the products, regardless of where they were bought.
  • Only has one heat level; this might prove to be problematic for those with thin, fragile hair.
  • It is quite pricy compared to the other flat irons that are available now on the market which offer the same features.
  • Might cause excess moisture loss from the hair due to the metal plating.


Different types of tyme iron

Any different type of hairstyle is possible with Tyme Iron . Besides, your hair will become more silky and shiny than when you used Flat Iron.

types of tyme iron on tyme iron reviews

To make your frizzy hair straight, use the flat side of the Tyme Iron. The side of the iron will make your hair look like silk and shine like the sun’s rays until you are adding water to your hair.

For making curling shape with your Tyme Iron, you have to consider factors such as starting position and the angle at which you will be moving the Iron. Small or long hair won’t be a factor here. Expect to spend at least 10 minutes to make your hair curly.

I am sure that you would be interested to make beach waves with your Tyme Iron. Just remember to rotate the cord slowly and the curls should some on your face. Keep the iron in a vertical direction to make the curls continuous.

The Tyme Iron should be 45 degrees horizontal and vertical  again to increase valley to peak distance.


how to use tyme iron

You will find it quite difficult to use at first. Once you master the “learning curve” it will become easier for you regarding how to use a Tyme Iron . For curly hair, I will recommend that you practice ironing without heating it at first.

Always follow the instruction manual word to word to avoid any complications while using it. For left-handed women, it will require a bit more practice than right-handed ones.

Tyme Iron for short hair

Expect longer-lasting curls and more waves when using Tyme Iron for short hair. Hair locks can be changed in a short time by using it. Also, higher temperatures will not cause any damage to your short hair.

Tyme Iron for medium hair

For medium hair,it will take only around 10 minutes to make curly or any other hairstyle with Tyme Iron. Do not make the mistake of using a lot of styling products since you will find all in Tyme Iron. Throw away that hair dryer once you have it. Also, make sure that there is enough heat protection to not damage your precious hair.

Tyme Iron for long hair

If you have long hair, expect more waves and also the learning process is faster for Tyme Iron. part the Tyme Iron off at the middle and pull it all the way towards your neck .You can assign the hair on either or right or left side. Remember to fasten your hair at the side which is not being used at the moment  the hair at the side where you are not curling your hair back. For best practice, make a separation between where you are working on your hair and  where and start from the bottom part of your hair.

Why is Tyme iron better?

I have to admit that it takes some time to master how to properly use it. If you have heard about the “learning curve” theory, then you should know that the more you use something, the more you will become an expert in it. It is the similar case for Tyme Iron. Not satisfied with the results from a flat iron? Say goodbye to all other heated styling tools since you will get all the features in the tyme iron itself! Be it curly hair, waves or any other types, Tyme Iron is your solution!

This product is highly recommended for people who are looking for different but unique results with their hair based on the review from previous customers. You will surely fall in love with its gold color and unique shape



  1. Does tyme iron really work?
  • Yes, according to most reviews and ratings this product has proven to be useful to those who use it proficiently.
  1. What is the size of the Tyme barrel?
  • It is not a typical barrel, there is a slight curve to the irons. The tool is designed to give you the best results and lasting time to your styled hair.
  1. How does tyme iron straighten your hair when it is curved towards one side?
  • Depending on what style you are aiming for. One side is for straightening and other side is for curling.
  1. Would this iron work on very long hair?
  • Yes, tyme iron works for every types of hair.
  1. Does tyme iron have a temperature setting?
  • No, it heats up steadily to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  1. Can you touch the outside of the plate when using tyme iron?
  • It will be very hot so you would want to hold it by the handle at all time.
  1. How do you get the best use out of a tyme iron?
  • Many customers are strangers to this product. Not knowing how to use a tool you just purchased can be frustrating, especially if you are in a rush. A video session with a stylist from the company can be a fruitful one. She will be teaching you the basic uses of Tyme iron. That means, after this session you will be able to style your hair with no confusion or difficulties.

Here is a video about ‘Tyme iron reviews’ for you. I think it will be helpful for you.


Since it does not come with an auto-shutdown feature, do not forget to turn it off after usage. Be cautious with the high temperature of the Iron since it can burn any part of your body if you are careless. For thin hair, we will not recommend this product. Please read the manual carefully before use.


By studying this tyme iron reviews and taking other customer experiences into consideration, TYME iron would be a great tool for you for distinctive results. The product itself is very stylish looking with its rose gold outer coat and uniquely shaped design. TYME has promised its customers salon-quality results from their product.

However,this product may not be suitable for thin, fragile hair given that the temperature is non-adjustable. Given that it promises salon quality results, the money would not go to any loss.  The final decision on whether to buy this product depends on you.

I hope you got a clear idea about tyme iron after reading my tyme iron reviews. For know more about different types of  hair irons you can click here, Thank You…

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